Christmas in Werkstatttraum by Kristine Salviejo

In support of our fellow Berliner, Helen Chen, Para Dys sold some gems at the Werkstatttraum market in Kreuzberg. All in all, it seems like Berliners have some experimental taste buds :) See some quick photos of our setup below. 

In November 2014, Helen started a marmalade company! Check it out here:  Although now based in New York, the first batches were all made in Berlin and sourced from our local Turkish Market. 

Para Dys + Young & Able by Kristine Salviejo

Para Dys & Giu Giu helped ring in Young & Able's 6th month of business!

The party was appropriately thrown at PIPS and drinks provided by our generous and favorite Californian Raggiani sibling.

Kristine machine knit throughout the night and Giuliana showcased her favorite Giu Giu pieces. They also raffled off a free Para Dys Intro Class and a free Giu Giu sweater.

Check the link for more info + photos below:

Photo Cred to miss Kara Kochalko


I don't remember what was going on here...

Cuties in da Haus

SALE! by Kristine Salviejo

We had a great time at Capsule Market Square at 82 Mercer! In honor of the Holidays and our wonderful friends who came to hang out/drink free beers, we are having a 20% off sale, from now til January 10th! 

Enter promo code at checkout: "2014"

A few moments from the weekend:

Giu Giu sweaters + Para Dys jewelry!

Jewelry, Sweaters, Beer

Pure Evil.

Kristine&Giuliana/Romy&Michele Trek the Blizzard in Brooklyn for 7 Bottles of Mixers..........5am Sky @ 10pm

Party @ Pips! 

Some of our crew hanging out! Thank you all!

Sums it all up.......

90 Years Old by Kristine Salviejo

New items to the web-store will be added throughout December :D We took our 1920s Italian glass finds and turned them into rings. I tried one out for a spin today. For a 90+ year old glass piece, it's holding up pretty well. 

Example below: black and floral ring on middle finger

Also photographed: Our Eye of Re ring (left - for purchase in our web-store!) + YSL's Arty Ovale ring (right)

Semi Business/Mostly Pleasure by Kristine Salviejo

Both halves of Para Dys met up in Europe again, fall 2013, will this be a yearly thing?

This year we were: multitasking, not sleeping, accidentally sleeping, not buying gypsy clothes, being psychotic, eating yogurt, making new friends, wearing G's on our neck - see below)

Some photos from our trip:

Taxidermy Giraffe?

Taxidermy Giraffe?

Giulia, of Farewell Footwear and our very own Giuliana, doing what she does best.

Giulia, of Farewell Footwear and our very own Giuliana, doing what she does best.

Kristine's favorite

Kristine's favorite

Dust bunnies or secret galaxies?

Dust bunnies or secret galaxies?

Favorite Activity: Burritos with wine

Favorite Activity: Burritos with wine

Homemade traditional Danish birthday cake!  

Homemade traditional Danish birthday cake!

Pre-Para Dys, Post-Romy and Michele by Kristine Salviejo

After 4 years at Parsons and slaving away on respective projects post graduation, we took a trip to Europe from September to October 2012 - London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Copenhagen.

Activities included but were not limited to: not sleeping, feeling homeless, buying overpriced gypsy clothing, visiting museums, visiting art galleries, buying more miscellaneous junk, spending time with familiar faces, having the most awkward brunch to this very day, taking naps in cafes and stumbling upon Giuliana's eyeball ring in Marais on a cold, rainy, Parisian afternoon.

One night, we called and the universe the form a Funk Taxi cab ride in Berlin. (We can't give away what we asked for!) Suddenly, visions of our future in visions of 1997! Please reference video below and attempt to share our moment.

Para Dys en laplaya.jpg